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Founded in 1991, The Law Office of Mark J. Leonardo has a long history of providing clients, both Plaintiffs and Defendants, with sound legal counsel and trusted representation in a variety of civil matters.

Over the years, we have brought suit against:

Major Corporations including: Wham-O, McDonnell Douglas, Sony, American Express, Wells Fargo, Far East National Bank, AT&T, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Von’s, Ralph’s, Whole Foods, Gelson's, Robinson’s-May, Pep Boys, Pinkerton Security Systems and CitiMortgage.

Airlines including: Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines.

Hotels including Shutters, The Viceroy Hotel, Beverly Hills Hotel.

Hospitals including: Huntington Memorial Hospital, San Antonio Community Hospital, Cedar Sinai.

Government Entities including: The City of Los Angeles, The City of Santa Monica, The City of Santa Barbara, The County of Los Angeles, California Department of Agriculture, and the State of California.

School Districts including: Los Angeles Unified School District, the Ventura County Unified School District, Palmdale School District and Culver City School District.

Over the past decade, we shifted our focus beyond exceptional legal skills and embraced a comprehensive and personalized service strategy.

While quality of service and value to the client remain our top priorities, we take pride in the sincere commitments we make to our clients’ causes. Our clients are not just our customers, they are our responsibilities, and we take the time to learn not only their goals and objectives, but also their motivations and concerns.

We take a holistic approach to practicing law, always keeping in mind "the big picture" and always looking for creative ways to solve our clients’ problems. Oftentimes, proceeding in a straight line of legal argument, while it produces a lot of billable hours for the lawyers, is not the best or most cost efficient resolution for the client.

It is not our goal to reap fruit from every case, but rather to cultivate healthy relationships with clients that are based on mutual respect and trust. There are a lot of good lawyers out there, but perhaps our personal approach to the law practice is why so many of our clients return to us and refer us to their friends and family.

Our firm is an active example of why bigger is not always better, and we look forward to getting to know you, and helping you find the best solution to your legal issue.


Address: 25019 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265