Winning Verdict Against CitiMortgage

Mr. Leonardo was successful in obtaining a client's return of $374,000 it paid to purchase a property at a foreclosure sale sold by the lender, CitiMortgage.  A unknown third party had forged an entire loan transaction and obtained a loan from CitiMortgage with the forged documents.  When the victim of identity theft notified and proved to CitiMortgage that she was in fact a victim and her signature had been forged on the Promissory Note and Deed of Trust, CitiMortgage proceeded with the foreclosure sale anyway.  CitiMortgage did this while knowing that the law deems a forged deed to be void.  Since the Deed of Trust was void, CitiMortgage had no power of sale, but it went forward and sold the property knowing this and failed to disclose to the public that it was proceeding on a forged deed.  once this was discovered, it forced the true owner of the property, the bank that already had a mortgage on the property, and Mr. Leonardo's client who purchased it at the foreclosure not knowing of the forgery, to all sue each other and CitiMortgage.  The Court unraveled the mess and restored title to the property to its true owner and ordered CitiMortgage to refund the $374,000 it wrongfully collected, plus interest from August 2008.

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